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a woman owned business since 1943

Full service CNC contract machine shop

Highest degree of quality

Best service to meet the customers needs

Pure precision CNC machining services


Schmid Tool and Engineering (STE) began as a Tool and Die shop in 1943 Greater Chicago. Today we are a Third generation, family owned, woman operated enterprise that is a full-service CNC Contract Manufacturer Specializing in high volume production.

At Schmid Tool and Engineering Corporation, we work with Forgings / Powdered Metal / Metal Injection (MIM) / Castings / Extrusions and Other Net Shaped Materials to allow us to fabricate intricate shapes through a more streamlined production process.


We believe in MADE IN THE USA!


about us

Schmid Tool and Engineering has the capability of supporting a wide range of commercial industries including, but not limited to the medical/dental, recreational vehicle, construction and industrial equipment market segments.

STE offers precision Vertical and Horizontal CNC machining and Swiss CNC turning services specializing in the manufacture of firearm components for Law Enforcement, Defense Contractors, as well as other commercial OEM firearm builders.

We believe in MADE IN THE USA!



Cutting Edge Pure Precision CNC 

  • Tolerance: ±.0005"

  • Part Diameter: Max 4 in (101.6 mm)

  • Part Length: Max 6 in (152.4 mm)

  • Part Width: Max 12 in (304.8 mm)

  • Part Height: Max 6 in (152.4 mm)

Durable, High Quality Materials

  • Alloy Steels, Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel, Copper, Inconel, Investment Castings, Molybdenum, Monel, Plastics, Stainless Steel, Stellite (Hardfacing), Titanium

Bespoke Service

  • Custom Fixtures & Tooling Designed for Specific Jobs

  • Quote job-by-job basis


Experienced Advisor Service

  • Manufacturing Consulting

  • Offer efficient, high-quality manufacturing services

  • Over 7 decades of knowledge in precision machining and turning capabilities.



We are a tribe and we believe doing what is Ethical and Moral is the way to go. And on that path we try to help others succeed.  We are steadfast in our resolve to provide the very best in all we do! 

We are STE!

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