What Schmid Tool Can Do for You

Precision CNC Machining

Offering precision CNC machining and turning services, we specialize in manufacturing firearms for law enforcement, military, and commercial industries. At Schmid Tool and Engineering Corporation, we mostly work with castings, such as investment castings, that allow us to fabricate intricate shapes through a more streamlined production process. Additionally, we build our own custom rotary transfer stations.

Custom Assembly Services

Schmid Tool and Engineering Corporation offers automated (hydraulic presses) and sub-assembly in a dedicated 5S lean assembly area, with a focus on firearms for law enforcement, military and security. Assembly methods include multi-axis staking dies for quick assembly, press work, riveting, mechanical assembly (threaded fasteners) and marking (dot matrix, laser).

Design Services

At Schmid Tool and Engineering Corporation, we can manage Kan-Ban scheduling programs, available upon request, that help ensure just-in-time delivery of all our precision CNC machining and turning products. We can even export our high-quality products to Canada. Offering efficient, high-quality manufacturing services, we invite you to contact Schmid Tool and Engineering to learn more about our precision CNC machining and turning capabilities.

Post Processing

With the ability to turn parts up to four inches in diameter, we offer ISO compliant CNC machining and turning capabilities. We manufacture parts that meet mil-spec standards for that particular product. We also provide a wide variety of secondary services, such as centerless grinding, double disc grinding, painting, powder coating, plating, sand blasting, and shot blasting. Plus, our highly trained engineers have earned a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

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