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The ultraprecise manufacturing solution for outdoor power equipment has arrived.

At Schmid Tool, we’re passionate about helping OEMs like you solve your toughest challenges. With ultraprecision CNC machining capabilities and a dedicated team of experts, we can help you deliver on your promises and make your equipment stand out from the competition.


square feet of
production space

ISO 9001:2015

registered and certified


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No matter the challenge,
we have a solution

Late Deliveries

Challenge: Are late deliveries derailing your projects?
Solution: We’re dedicated to just-in-time delivery, partnering with you to ensure you stay on schedule.


Challenge: Are you lacking effective communication with your current supplier?
Solution: At Schmid Tool, our partners are our number one priority. Throughout our working relationship, we maintain transparent and consistent communication to best support you.

Finding a Supplier

Challenge: Are you struggling to find a supplier to support your business and provide crucial industry expertise?

Solution: We offer more than industry expertise; we complete extensive research to understand your business and provide solutions tailored to your products.

Our Services


Precision CNC Machining

We offer vertical and horizontal CNC machining to produce ultra-precise parts for any outdoor power equipment.

Swiss CNC Turning

Our Swiss CNC turning capabilities allow us to create specialized, high-quality parts to help you create your equipment.


From heat treating and testing to grinding and shot blasting, our post-processing services ensure your parts are ready to run immediately. 

Single Source Through Assembly

Schmid Tool becomes your one-stop shop, with fully in-house services through assembly that ensure your outdoor power equipment meets quality expectations and delivery deadlines.

Design for Manufacturability

We simplify, refine, and optimize our product designs to ensure you get the highest-quality part at the most competitive price.

Manufacturing Consulting

With over seven decades of precision machining and turning, we use our expertise to help you through every step of the manufacturing process.


We can help you achieve high accuracy in parts such as...

Intake Manifolds

Throttle Controls

Piston Rings

Connecting Rods

Cylinder Heads

Why Schmid Tool?

Since our inception in 1943, Schmid Tool has been dedicated to providing OEMs with streamlined, high-volume production paired with exceptional customer service. With a genuine passion for solving customer problems and a deep sense of honor, we stand by your side, dedicated to your success. 

  • Reliable Quality

  • Cost-Effective

  • Just-In-Time Delivery

  • Customization

  • Technical Expertise

  • Environmental Responsibility


Partners we work with

Enhance the quality of your equipment with Schmid Tool.

With our cutting-edge technology, expert team, and proven processes, Schmid Tool can help elevate your outdoor power equipment to the next level. Start your partnership with us today.

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